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La Sociedad Filosófica Masónica ha ido creciendo en todo el mundo de manera constante. Si bien ofrecemos muchos recursos diferentes para que nuestros miembros crezcan y aprendan en línea, simplemente no hay sustituto para asistir al Centro de Estudios más cercano a usted. Cuando usted asiste a un Centro de Estudio de la Sociedad Filosófica Masónica tendrá la oportunidad, no sólo de escuchar a un orador, sino de participar en el diálogo.

Bentonville Study Center
12 McKissic Creek
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Can a Number Reveal Your Destiny?
Date: 6/29/2019 1:00:00 PM
Topic of Study: Formal Science
Presenter: Bro. Judy Champion
Synopsis: Numbers are not simply tools for measuring and quantifying. Where and when did written numbers arise? As mathematics became more abstract, numbers and formulas became the universal language of science. Philosophers have attributed properties and energies to them, metaphysical and even spiritual. In religious contexts, 3, 7, 12, 30 and 40 occur frequently. Why was five revered by the Pythagoreans? Numerology grew out of their philosophy of numbers. The numerical values of your birth date and name may indicate lifelong energy patterns or influences. Certain numbers are prominent in Freemasonry and carry symbolic meaning especially when combined with geometry: 3-triangle, 4-square, etc. Are numbers entities that help us understand the natural world and forces? We will explore these ideas together.

Are Crafts really a form of Art?
Date: 7/27/2019 1:00:00 PM
Topic of Study: Art
Presenter: Bro. Lisa Woodworth
Synopsis: Art is a form of work that expresses emotions and expressions. Craft is a form of work, which has a physical form just like in moulding and carving. One can create duplicate craft forms, which is not possible with art. Art forms move people emotionally, whereas crafts attract people. But can't crafts open the door for people to express emotions? Masonry is oftentimes referred to as a Craft - could Masonic Builders then be considered Artists? Let's explore Beauty, together.

Is the Path of Initiation a Heros Journey?
Date: 9/28/2019 1:00:00 PM
Topic of Study: Literature
Presenter: Bro. Pamela McDown
Synopsis: The phrase “heros journey” or monomyth was made popular by Joseph Campbell in his book Hero with a Thousand Faces. Its the idea that one single protagonist undergoes a life-changing journey to come out the other side wiser than they began. How does the esoteric path of initiation compare to the twelve stages of the heros quest? Join us to see how Freemasons follow a similar journey of their own.

What is evil?
Date: 10/26/2019 1:00:00 PM
Topic of Study: Behavioral Science
Presenter: Bro. Chris Osborn
Synopsis: We often think that evil is something outside of us that can control our thoughts and actions to do things we know are not right. The concept has a religious basis in many respects, but what if it is something that can be located in the brain or DNA? If so, can we determine who might have evil tendencies well before they have the chance to perform any evil acts and work toward prevention? Is evil really evil or might it just be a disease or psychological condition? These are a few of the questions that will be explored using the ideas of Simon Baron-Cohen as a basis for discussion from his book entitled The Science of Evil.

What generation should you really have been born in?
Date: 11/30/2019 1:00:00 PM
Topic of Study: History
Presenter: Bro. Tom Simota
Synopsis: Silent, Boom, X, Y, or Z - which one is really me? A historical view of the various generations indicate specific qualities, atributes and interests that define a group born during a particular time period. While these statements tend to be averages that summarize births during a particular time, it's important to remember that individuality, critical thinking and right-relationship are unique to each soul-personality. Freemasons seek Truth - we shall explore the various generations and then determine where we land as a unique seeker in a span of time.

Do Planets Make Music?
Date: 12/28/2019 1:00:00 PM
Topic of Study: Natural Science
Presenter: Bro. Pamela McDown
Synopsis: The epic space flights of the Voyager I and II soaring across our Solar System have left researchers on the edge of their seats for decades. Passing by Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn, the probes recorded various emissions and electromagnetic vibrations. NASA had the idea to make those into sound recordings. As it turns out those sounds are deeply familiar to the human ear. Is this just a coincidence or does the Universe have a soundtrack? Join us as we listen to music that is out of this world. Learn how the music of the spheres echoes the teachings of Freemasonry.

"Un ser humano es parte de un todo, llamado por nosotros el universo, una parte limitada en el tiempo y el espacio.Sus pensamientos y sentimientos como algo separado del resto ... una especie de ilusión óptica de su conciencia. Esta ilusión es una Una especie de prisión para nosotros, que nos restringe a nuestros deseos personales y de afecto para unas pocas personas más cercanas a nosotros. Nuestra tarea debe ser Liberarnos de esta prisión ampliando nuestro círculo de compasión para abrazar a todas las criaturas vivas y toda la naturaleza en subelleza."
Albert Einstien
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