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La Sociedad Filosófica Masónica ha ido creciendo en todo el mundo de manera constante. Si bien ofrecemos muchos recursos diferentes para que nuestros miembros crezcan y aprendan en línea, simplemente no hay sustituto para asistir al Centro de Estudios más cercano a usted. Cuando usted asiste a un Centro de Estudio de la Sociedad Filosófica Masónica tendrá la oportunidad, no sólo de escuchar a un orador, sino de participar en el diálogo.

Miami Study Center
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Are there Similarities between Greek and African Mythologies?
Date: 6/23/2018 10:00:00 AM
Topic of Study: History
Presenter: Daisy Valdes
Synopsis: It is known that Greece and Africa started to contact each other as early as in the Bronze Age with the Minoans. The Homeric poems written in the 8th century BCE cites Greeks contact with Africans as well. The legendary Africa appears as a secluded and enigmatic place. Their unique relationship to the gods is based in tribal traditions, but when we dive into the Greeks and Africans mythologies, we will discover similarities in their goddess and creation. There seems to be even a link between the Greeks and Africans and Freemasonry. We will look at the symbolism that ties the three together as well. Join Us!

What is the connection between Trees and Humans?
Date: 7/28/2018 10:00:00 AM
Topic of Study: Natural Science
Presenter: Danys Bartell-Guerra
Synopsis: The tribes who lived amongst nature and her surroundings knew a long time ago the symbiotic relationship we share with trees. They knew the bond between humans and trees was one of mutual benefit. They knew that for the health and well-being of all life forms that we were the ones entrusted with the duty of care to the trees and all life forms that humans share this planet with. Many cultures knew that as the tree populace dwindled so to did our health. How does their philosophy about the connection between trees and humans coincide with Masonic teachings? Joins us to discuss these connections and more.

What Role has Dance Played in the Evolution of Humanity?
Date: 9/22/2018 10:00:00 AM
Topic of Study: Art
Presenter: Lylia Gonzalezfrayle
Synopsis: Dance has existed for thousands of years. Paintings of dancing were found in India from nine thousand years ago. In Egypt, the Priests used dance in the visual story telling of their rituals. In Europe they tended to distinguish between dance and other kind of physical movement like sports, military drills, synchronized labor, festival processions, by identifying a dimension of conscious craft or artistry. Anthropology has discovered that these movements differs in different cultures, as well as how it relates to music theater, pantomime, storytelling, and other kinds of performative behavior. Does Freemasonry use body movement discipline, or dance, to instruct and direct the mind through Ritual? dwindled so to did our health. We need the trees as much as they need us. Without them, we would not have oxygen and without us, they would not have carbon dioxide. And therein lies the symbiotic relationship.

Does Alchemy Have Importance In Our Modern Life?
Date: 10/27/2018 10:00:00 AM
Topic of Study: Natural Science
Presenter: Katie Cumsille
Synopsis: Alchemy, as a valid science, reached its height of prominence during the mid 1650s with such important practitioners like Sir Isaac Newton. Many great minds during the Renaissance Period and before have not found it contrary to their belief in God nor Science to become Alchemical students. But much has changed since then and Alchemy has fallen so far from its light. Does the current place in which Alchemy has been reduced make sense to the Freemason who wishes to understand all areas of study?

Alice in Wonderland Philosophy, what does it mean?
Date: 12/8/2018 10:00:00 AM
Topic of Study: Esotericism
Presenter: Katherine Murillo
Synopsis: Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice in Wonderland, was well versed in the sciences as a mathematician, exploring both the natural and spiritual world. When Carroll first wrote this story, he called it Alices Adventures Underground. Is there a relationship between this tale and Ancient Mystery Schools? How do you relate this tale with Freemasonry?

"Un ser humano es parte de un todo, llamado por nosotros el universo, una parte limitada en el tiempo y el espacio.Sus pensamientos y sentimientos como algo separado del resto ... una especie de ilusión óptica de su conciencia. Esta ilusión es una Una especie de prisión para nosotros, que nos restringe a nuestros deseos personales y de afecto para unas pocas personas más cercanas a nosotros. Nuestra tarea debe ser Liberarnos de esta prisión ampliando nuestro círculo de compasión para abrazar a todas las criaturas vivas y toda la naturaleza en subelleza."
Albert Einstien
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