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The Masonic Philosophical Society has been growing throughout the world steadily. While we offer many different resources for our members to grow and learn online, there is simply no substitute for attending the Study Center nearest you. When you attend a Study Center of the Masonic Philosophical Society you will have the opportunity, not only to hear from a speaker, but to participate in the dialogue.

Detroit Study Center
Disabled American Veteran 19 of Oakland County , 2717 Coolidge Hwy, Berkley, MI, 48072
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What is the purpose of esoteric organizations and Freemasonry in particular?
Date: 11/11/2017 3:30:00 AM
Topic of Study: Esotericism
Presenter: Chris Osborn
Synopsis: There have been many esoteric organizations that have existed over the centuries. Is there an underlying theme with these various organizations? Have they all been working toward a common purpose and what benefit to humanity have they wrought?We will discuss these questions and many more as we look to the future of Freemasonry by examining the past.

Is Astrotheology the foundation of all world religion?
Date: 12/9/2017 3:30:00 PM
Topic of Study: Theology
Presenter: Aksel Suvari
Synopsis: Since time immemorial Mankind has looked to the stars for guidance. Whether in matters of home and heart or those of the greatest magnitude,the night sky has been humanity’s constant companion in our search for meaning. As a species we have formed a divine and symbolic relationship with the stars which is illustrated by the study of Astrotheology. Within all of the world religions the fingerprints of this millennia-old tradition can be found and its influence has dramatically shaped the mythology and worship of religious figures throughout the ages. Has religion itself been developed by the careful study of stellar phenomenon and could Freemasonry be a remnant of such a tradition?

What is Man?
Date: 1/13/2018 3:30:00 PM
Topic of Study: Behavioral Science
Presenter: Katie Cumsille
Synopsis: Carl Jung, a prominent psychologist of his time, has theorized the notion of archetypes. Templates that are found in all men no matter culture, race, creed, or gender. Is his argument for the constancy of Man true or is man more complex than this. Freemasonry strives to unite humanity through diversity rather than seek to divide us. Are archetypes the symbols that unite us all or is there true individuality?

What is the nature of the world, its relation to the divine, and the role of humanity?
Date: 2/10/2018 3:30:00 PM
Topic of Study: Theology
Presenter: Madeline Habib
Synopsis: In modern society we are familiar with knowledge that focuses on scientific or scholarly exploration and rational understanding, dependent on the evidence of our senses. What if, however, there was more to the perception of science and rational thought? Many believe that esotericism can hold the direct realization of this truth is the highest achievement. Join us as we embark on a journey to discover what is the nature of the world and the divine and the role of humanity has between these epic forces.

"A human being is a part of a whole, called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest ... a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."
Albert Einstien
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