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Can Mandalas be a Tool for Self-transformation, Growth, and even Enlightenment?
Is there life after death?
Did man create God, or did God create man?
What is Love?
Is There a Spiritual Case to be Made for Vegetarianism?
Is Primitive or Ancient Democracy truly the predecessor of Modern Democracy, and would our American society recognize it?
Are the concepts of Equality and Capitalism irrevocably at odds with each other?
What is the nature and purpose of Freemasonry in general and Co-Masonry in particular?
Is it possible to be overcome by pleasure?
What does it mean to live a noble life?
Is science a relatively new concept or has it existed longer than we know?
How do Rituals affect the human brain?
What is the purpose of language diversity?
How Freemasonry fit in the conflict between Culture and Counter-Culture?
Is the truth about the nature of the Universe and life hidden in the details?
Equality, is it just a theory?
What is the meaning or worth of life and how do you find it in your own life?
Is duty as inflexible as fate?
Mozart's Magic Flute: Children's Fairy Tale or Masonic Introspective Journey?
What does it mean to leave a noble life?
The New Age Movement: Truth or truth?
The Impressionism: Is progress leaving out established thought patterns?
Morals Vs. Ethics: Can we be immoral yet be ethical and vice versa?
New York
Which one is more useful: exoteric knowledge of science that does not require a transformation of consciousness or esoteric knowledge of religion or philosophy which requires a transformation of consciousness?
Are the Leadership skills taught through the Rituals in Freemasonry more efficient than the conventional methods from educational institutions?
Are we, as human and spiritual beings, the sum of our actions and therefore the sum of our choices and decisions?
Do you “believe” in tarot as a mystical magical thing?
What do we think about the subject of death?
What defines an education, and what about it should be compulsory?
Does our minds exist independent of the physical realm?
How does classical architecture use the laws of nature and sacred geometry to convey the characteristics of man?
Why is our culture so fascinated with the idea of a zombie apocalypse?
Other Countries
¿Quién creo a quien, Dios al hombre o el hombre a Dios?
Existe um potencial Divino em nós? O que é a Alma?
¿Que nos enseñan las abejas?
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